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NEW base Questions

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NEW base Questions

Post by Dragon on Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:59 pm

Question 1: In times of war between Factions, where is the default portal to the enemy's Faction Base?

Answer: Training Hall

Question 2:Which of the following is incorrect?

Answer: A faction can attack others without having a base.

Question 3: If an attacker enters an enemy base, they'll need to talk to which NPC to start fighting?

Answer: Attack Commander

Question 4:Which is not one of the ways to end a faction War?

Answer: All members of the Defenders Retreated.

Question 5: All players corisponding mats based on race after
completeing the mats quest. The untamed will gain which of the following

Answer: Lost Sand

Question 6: You would meet the Hellbull Tyrant boss in which Manor of Justice?

Answer: Dungeons of Sins

Question 7: There is a legend that the daughter of the Twilight Lich King, the Princess of Moonlight, was so beautiful that men couldn't resist falling in love with her. The Twilight Lich King betrothed his daughter to the counsilor's son but after his death, and the death of the councilor's son shortly after, there was a struggle for power over the Twilight Lich King's throne. The infighting amongst the factions soon broke into an all out war that ravaged the land until the party in support of Princess Moonlight surrendered. Which of the following is a relic representing the tragedy of Princess Moonlight?

Answer: Chrono

Question 8: According to ancient texts, the decendents of the gods are blessed with immortality and have secluded themselves in four sacred places throughout Perfect World. There, they work tirelessly for a way to help their gods return. Which one of the following is one of the four sacred places?

Answer:The Lunar Glade

Question 9: In the Early Days, the Human, Elves, and Untamed often fought amongst one another. It took the threat of the Wraiths to unite the warring races but it was immediately clear that the fight against the Wraiths was one the Alliance was unable to win. Based on this history, which of the following is true?

Answer:Due to the invasion, the future of Perfect World is unknown.

10. The Frost Ancient's wife gave birth to two sons, Holan and Holeen. The Frost Ancient abandoned which son?

Answer: Holeen

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Re: NEW base Questions

Post by Selbronne on Sat Dec 21, 2013 3:11 pm

questions faction bq

1. faction mono 3+, toon 30+

2. Green Emperror

3. Faction Base Manager

5. Archrosaur city

6. valey of reprocity(rb)

7. Unsaken city

8. traning hall

9. the 3rd eye

10. bone burying sand

i'm still missing number 4 anwser, they are actual. if someone knows nr 4 q and anwser pls post here


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